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Why Use Virtual Vehicle?

Today’s vehicle service customers are sophisticated consumers who demand clear and concise information when spending money on their vehicle servicing and repairs. They will not approve repair recommendations they do not understand or that they don't believe to be genuine.

Service advisors can find the task of explaining technically complex vehicle repairs very difficult, especially when the customer has left the service location and has to be contacted by telephone. 
Younger customers particularly question the validity of any information if it is not presented to them electronically.


Our Solution

Virtual Vehicle is a cloud-based library containing hundreds of animations showing how each part of the car works and what can happen when the part fails. Our original line-drawn animations are now replaced with realistic 3D animated models, but the core value of making technical concepts simple to understand remains at the heart of what we do.

We help you bridge the understanding gap by providing your service team with a tool that gets the message across in a simple, customer-friendly way. Service advisors using Virtual Vehicle are able to sell more service and repair labor, and receive higher customer satisfaction scores.

As shops use our system to explain services to their customers, they experience:

  • An increase in repeat business as customers feel more confident that the services the repairer performed were truly necessary in maintaining their vehicle
  • More referrals as they tell their friends and family what a great experience they had at the repairers workshop
  • Higher sales as customers agree to more work being done, because for the first time ever they really understand what’s involved and why it is needed.

Virtual Vehicle can be accessed using any web browser or via our iPad app. Your service team can e-mail or text customers a link to an animated video if they are not in the shop, and follow it up with a phone call to answer any follow up questions and close the sale.


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